Patient Experiences

Our comprehensive EUREKA! meditech™ package is designed to enable medical facility owners to successfully integrate the EluxR® technology into clinical operations.

EluxR patient

Relief from accompanying symptoms of chronic kidney disease

I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in early 2013, and was prescribed 4 hour long dialysis sessions, three times a week. This came with many accompanying symptoms like insomnia, sleep apnoea, and uncontrolled hypertension (even with medications the systolic reading remained 100-60 points above normal). I would also get chest infections from time to time, and food poisoning, digestive upset, stomach ulcers, and even bouts of anxiety. Treatment with the EluxR® has provided relief from these accompanying symptoms of chronic kidney disease that I experienced. It has made my experience much more comfortable and for that I am very grateful. I feel fortunate to have found this health improving technology.

- Omar Al Shaikh, UAE

EluxR patient

Several weeks later, still no headache!

Hi, my name is Christian Cremona. I found out about the EluxR® through my friend Hassan Chamas, when he was visiting Lebanon for a few days. Being an engineer myself with some years of experience in the medical field, I was fascinated by the technology behind the therapy device and decided that I would like a live demonstration.

During the assessment procedure, the device displays both a graphical and audible signal, giving a qualitative indication of light emissions from various parts of the body. After a few minutes I was advised that there was a problem with my neck, which caused me to have headaches. That was 100% true! For decades I had suffered from regular headaches, coupled with cold sweating, which hit me on a weekly basis and that typically lasted all day. There was no relief despite of all the Paracetamol and pain relievers I took.

The therapy with the EluxR® is easy, and it only took about 2 minutes of treatment of the affected area in my neck. I was advised to wait for the next coming weekend to see how this treatment had affected the regular weekly headache. The weekend after the treatment I felt great, no headache. Another week passed by, no headache. Several weeks later, still no headache! This problem I had experienced every single week for the past 20 years did not return. And today, 65 days after I received this simple treatment, I clearly announce that this is a working technique, with no side effects. It worked beautifully for me!

- Christian Cremona, Technical engineer, Lebanon

EluxR patient

I keep telling other people about it

I had acid reflux and it made my sleep difficult. I have tried prescribed anti acid medication. It did help in temporary relief but was not helpful for nigh time sleep, as I had to sleep with inclined bed to deal with the reflux. I work normally 12 hours per day and eat at irregular times, love spicy food and red wine. I must say that my work nature is rather stressing. It never crossed my mind that there could be a solution to my problem until I met the inventor of this technology in a hotel bar. He told me that the EluxR® might work for me. Very skeptical initially I decided to just give it a try and I am very lucky to have done so. Without exaggeration, my years-long problem was gone in two sessions. I stopped my medication and currently, a year after treatment, the symptoms are still gone. I sleep comfortably on a horizontal bed with a low profile pillow and experience no more acid reflux. I am so impressed with this therapy that I keep telling other people about it. I invite all friends to try the therapy with the EluxR® and to judge by themselves.

- Hassan Chamas, Company owner, Canada (resident in UAE)