Frequently asked questions

The technology is very safe, but it should only be used by medically trained therapists, and according to the prescribed therapeutic protocols. The therapy has been effectively and safely used on people for over 15 years.

It must be emphasised, however, that the therapeutic action of the technology is significant and due to its stimulating effect on immune functions and detoxification pathways our guidelines should not be ignored. The main risks are overuse of the therapy, treating patients with contraindications and omitting our specified therapy steps, all of which can easily be avoided.

One or two suitable health professionals should be hired, who are to be trained in the use of the EluxR®. They also need to get sufficient in-house referrals, or alternatively volunteers, and time to become skilled therapists. Initially they will need about 1,5 hours per session, but this may be reduced to 1 hour once they are more experienced.

Not much space or furniture is needed to facilitate our therapy. A simple therapy room with a table and two chairs is sufficient.

Our EluxR® technology is unique and currently the only direct therapeutic application of physiological light available on the market. There are many different therapy devices that work with electrically generated light, but this is fundamentally different from utilising physiological light directly.

It may be possible that you have come across an older generation device model from the same inventor. However, production of these devices was limited and was stopped in 2013 in order to transition to a more consistent and effective system of implementation of the technology.

The technology cannot be used in an environment with strong magnetic fields or static electricity. The reason for this is two-fold. The technology itself is sensitive to magnetism, but such fields may also (temporarily) disrupt normal bioelectric processes of the body, which are imperative to produce reliable assessment and to achieve a successful therapeutic outcome.

Magnetic fields are not blocked by regular walls, ceilings and floors, but they decrease in strength with distance. Placing the technology in a room that is adjacent to an elevator shaft or another room with high voltage electrical equipment may cause problems. Electrical equipment with lower voltage can still be problematic if too close to the EluxR® on the other side of the wall. We offer assistance with the proper placement of our equipment.

Fluorescent light of which the source is closer than 2 meters from the body will also interfere with the therapy and should preferably be avoided.

Due to its immune correcting and stimulating effects, the therapy is contraindicated for patients who have tissue/organ transplants and face the risk of rejection.

Synthetic implants are only contraindicated when located in critical organs where even encapsulation may have severe implications.

Autoimmune or other immune disorders are not contraindicated. These conditions generally benefit from the therapy.

The EluxR® technology has been used on small domestic animals as well as well as farm animals and racehorses. In most cases, excellent results were achieved ranging from recovery from ailments to improved stamina and performance of the racehorses.

Cellular light emission appears to be a fundamental aspect of physiological processes and as a result of the correction on this level improves regenerative processes and wellbeing.

The EluxR® can produce such a correction by exposing a patient to therapeutic light impulses that are created from their own, modified, physiological light.

The technology used in the EluxR® instrument modifies physiological light through filtering, inversion and amplification and returns it to the body in the form of therapeutic impulses.

Almost 35 years ago several scientific articles on the subject of cellular light emission ignited the curiosity of the inventor. Without knowing what he had stumbled upon, he started his search for answers on how this phenomenon relates to life and health. The decades of research and development that followed resulted in the EluxR®, which is the 7th in a series of therapy devices since 1983. The technology as well as its therapeutic applications have been used and improved upon over several decades.

Based on the extensive experience with applying physiological light to patients, it has become clear that biophysics, and physiological photon emission specifically, deserve a much more prominent place in medical research. The results experienced by patients can be considered remarkable, and as more insights and knowledge about physiological light are surfacing, success rates will likely increase even more.

Our therapy system has been developed simultaneously with the EluxR® technology, and has been used successfully in small-scale clinical practice since 1983. In preparation to enter a bigger market, these last few years the therapeutic experience and knowledge of the inventor have been translated into a comprehensive therapy method that can easily be learned by healthcare professionals of all levels. To ensure patients get the best treatment results possible, we are committed to upholding uniformity and high standards of practice.

Depending on the experience of the therapist and the condition of the patient, a session takes between 1 hour and 1½ hour for teenagers and adults and ½ hour to 1 hour for young children.

The therapy is systemic and its main effect is that it improves physiological functions in general. Individual responses may vary widely and depend on what self-healing direction the body initiates as a result of such a physiological correction.

Quite often the therapy is experienced as very relaxing, occasionally even to the point that one falls asleep during a treatment program. Varying sensations, like tingling or warmth in the body, may be experienced and sometimes an immediate relief from pain or discomfort is noticed.

Common post treatment effects are:

  • Immediate relief of symptoms
  • Relief of symptoms a couple of days after the treatment
  • A renewed sense of wellbeing
  • Increased energy
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Improved mood
  • Temporary fatigue
  • Mild reactivation of old symptoms
  • Mild headache or abdominal discomfort

While these reactions are common, it is not possible to predict what may happen in each individual case. Fatigue, headache or reactivation of old symptoms is usually mild and of short duration.

Often they do, but health is an interplay of many factors and when causal factors of the symptoms persist, it is likely that symptom relief will not last. Therefore, in order to achieve the best results, common sense regarding eating and drinking habits, stress, hygiene, sleep, rest and physical activity should be adhered to. Specific causal factors that interfere with therapy-progress may be identified in individual cases. In these cases it may be wise to limit exposure to these causes, or eliminate them altogether.

The number of treatments needed is highly individual and depends on many factors. Sometimes a symptom that is the main reason for seeking treatment is gone in just one session, but at other times the same symptom is an expression of a more complex pattern and takes several regular sessions before the patient experiences relief that lasts.

A common observation is that children need fewer treatments than adults, and that normally complex symptom patterns and chronic diseases take more time than one symptom and acute illness.

Any symptom or disease is the result of the presence of one or more pathogenic influences in the broadest sense that the body is not able to correct. There may have been a one-time exposure or event that led to the symptoms, but there may also be recurrent exposure. To get the most out of the therapy and to prevent relapses, on going presence of disease-causing factors should be identified and these causes should be eliminated if possible.

Over the years of treating patients, the following common factors were identified to slow down therapeutic success and to cause symptoms to return:

  • Continuous bacterial or viral reinfections
  • Sleep deprivation or insufficient time to relax
  • Physical trauma (e.g. pain caused by a bone fragment)
  • Bad oral health (e.g. unaddressed cavities or infections under root canal fillings)
  • Repeated exposure to strong magnetic fields
  • The use of some drugs or substances that interfere with homeostatic regulation
  • Any other persisting pathogenic environmental factors, life style factors or physical alterations

Therapy with the EluxR® may still reduce some of the symptoms in all of the above examples. But it is likely that they will return at some point. Therapists will be trained to not only apply our technology effectively, but also to identify these success-limiting causes.

One 5-year license to use the EluxR® technology and therapy system in a medical facility*
Assistance with setting up the therapy location to meet magnetic field requirements
Training and 5-year licensing of 2 health professionals per EluxR®*
Remote monitoring and guidance of therapists if required
5-Year EUREKA! app and online appointment system licensing contract**
5-Year equipment lease contract**
Service and replacement warranty of the Elux
Renewal option after 5 years

* 1 EluxR® device per license. Initial licensing fee applies
** Monthly fees apply. Alternatively payments can be made yearly or 5-yearly.

We have deliberately chosen to only offer lease & licensing packages for the EluxR®. This way we can keep the initial investment low and ensure that the technology is not used inappropriately.

To our surprise, this question has come up several times in the UAE.

Because of the non-invasive nature, the relative affordability and the effectiveness of our medical technology some people have shown interest in using the EluxR® at home for disease prevention and relief of occasional symptoms.

We usually do not recommend this option. Especially for anyone who suffers from a serious disease that requires more specialised medical attention. But for those who can afford it and live in the UAE we have created a special home-package, which is restricted to use within the family only. A licensed health professional should be hired who meets all the normal training requirements. When leased for home use, the EluxR® may not be used commercially.

The reason that we do not recommend this option is that the trained nurse will not be able to get the same experience with seeing patients as colleagues who work in a medical facility. While still effective, the full potential of the therapy may not be achieved by such a therapist.

Licensing and lease fees are based on our initial investment of time, expertise and resources, which is highest the first two years. The contract value would remain almost the same whether it was calculated for two years or five years.

The EluxR® is a classified medical device in the UAE and EU. This means that only licensed and registered health professionals may operate the technology. Additional training and certification by EUREKA! meditech™ is required.

We offer an initial two-week classroom training program after which the aspiring therapist will be able to work with the EUREKA! App, apply the therapy safely to patients and achieve positive therapeutic results. Success percentages and efficiency will increase with experience.

Therapists should be able to continue practicing on others immediately after the training to hone their skills. Depending on individual capabilities, a therapist should be ready to start professional therapy sessions within two months.

Passing the EluxR® theory exam within the first half year of practice is a requirement for the therapists to receive their 5-year therapist license.

After the classroom training therapists need to start working with the EluxR® right away. EUREKA! meditech™ can be consulted if there are questions or problems that cannot be resolved by referencing our therapy guides.

During the first two months of practice it is advised to limit the number of patients per therapist to three per day, and to refer only patients with simple symptomatology like headaches, other pains, digestive upset, problematic scars, or whiplash. The months thereafter patients with more serious, complex and multiple organ dysfunctions may be added. This way the therapists will slowly and safely familiarise themselves with the therapeutic procedures and the possible reactions to the treatment.

Therapist performance will be reviewed by accessing de-identified treatment data collected through the EUREKA! App. A possible need for advice or additional training may be identified this way.

Training materials and the training itself of two therapists are part of the initial license fee for use of the EluxR® technology. Arrangements for the flights, accommodation and meals for students should be made by the licensee at his expense.

Currently all trainings are organised in the Netherlands due to limited availability of our trainers.

EluxR® operation, localising and assessing optical pathways, creating customised sets of therapeutic impulses, application of the 6 therapy programs, establishing the correct focus and sequence of treatment, use of the EUREKA! web application.

We currently have two open vacancies:

  • Medical Sales Field Representative
  • Medical Device and Therapy Educator

EUREKA! meditech™ only distributes the EluxR® technology to medical facilities. Training is organised for the employees appointed by those facilities. We do not have our own treatment location and therefore do not hire therapists ourselves.

However, you can always send us your CV and motivation letter. When a hospital or clinic near you seeks to implement our technology we will forward your job application.

This web-based application is developed for easier implementation of the therapy, and makes it possible for our trainers to guide, monitor and educate therapists to improve their results.

The EUREKA! App integrates our therapy protocols, which are the result of 35 years of clinical experience with the use of the EluxR® technology -and prior versions- on patients. This App is used with every therapy session and also serves as an appointment and patient-file management system.

A patient-file will automatically become available to the therapist once a prospective patient has finished the online registration procedure and completed the online questionnaire. Patients will receive a confirmation email with information to prepare them for their first visit.

EUREKA! meditech™ can access de-identified treatment data to identify a therapist’s need for additional training or advice.

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro is the only tablet that is compatible with the EUREKA! App. Due to its functions smaller iPads or tablets are not suitable.

The required iPads are included in our lease and licensing package.

Physiological light is light that is emitted by living cells. This light is extremely faint, and with only 100.000 photons released per cell per second it does not even cross the threshold for vision. Nevertheless, treatment with this light seems to result in surprisingly strong physiological effects, beyond what was to be expected.

Qualitative aspects of cellular light emission appear to influence physiological functions and to affect recovery strength. The therapeutic application of physiological light has demonstrated significant symptom ameliorating, health-promoting and disease-preventing effects.

Over the years dramatic results have been observed in many of the patients who were treated with their own physiological light. Even patients who were given very little hope for remission or recovery have benefitted tremendously.

We use this as a generic term to describe the biological actions that are influenced, or initiated by physiological light inside the body. The remarkable therapeutic results of physiological light modification observed in clinical practice supports the existence of such biological action even though the exact processes are not yet fully explained.

It is, however, apparent that these processes are closely connected with biochemistry. Already in the 80’s, German scientists came up with the hypothesis that physiological light triggers biochemical reactions, and in fact is crucial in regulating biochemistry in general. This model explained their observation that cellular photon emission corresponds with the number of biochemical reactions in a cell.

This hypothesis was a starting point for the development of the EluxR® technology, and is supported by the remarkable results observed in clinical practice.

This is true, and yes there is. Physiological light travels through its own unique communication network*, which is formed by distinct optical pathways, also named Bonghan ducts or primo vessels. These optical pathways consist of translucent, microscopic, tubular structures that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

*Primo Vascular System

We do recognise the value of many diagnostic and therapeutic methods commonly available to healthcare providers. Nevertheless, over the years we have met many patients who failed to find relief of debilitating symptoms, but who did benefit from treatment with the EluxR® technology. We therefore believe that a new approach to healthcare is needed and that our technology, due to its systemic effectiveness and regenerative and preventative action, has the potential to be instrumental to this change.

Worldwide, more and more people have become aware of, or have experienced themselves, the limitations of the mainly biochemical approach to health. If one suffers from chronic, systemic conditions and experiences “vague complaints”, there is often no real solution other than symptom treatment with medical drugs. Apart from the cost pressure this gives on global public healthcare facilitation, there is also the issue of side effects, drug-resistant bacteria, and lack of drug availability in certain regions of the world. The EluxR® technology has the potential to, at least partly, resolve many of these problems. As awareness of the need for a different approach to healthcare grows, the relevance of this simple, but highly effective therapy will become increasingly obvious.

Another important consideration is increased pressure on the accessibility and affordability of the current healthcare system. Our technology offers a simple, affordable solution to many ailments that could alleviate this pressure, while making expensive, specialised procedures and medication accessible again to those for whom there is no alternative. Currently, too many people lack access to proper healthcare. Even in developed countries not everyone can afford the treatment options suggested by their healthcare provider. Undeniably, there are many interesting medical innovations, which offer solutions for complex health issues, but the tragic consequence is, that because of the high costs of these sophisticated procedures and drugs, healthcare becomes unaffordable for the average person. Insurance plans become unsustainable, and the companies that offer them are forced to chip away at the benefits. We aim to keep investment costs low and the integration of the technology into clinical operations easy in order to make the EluxR® therapy more widely available and thus transform healthcare to the benefit of everyone.