About us

EUREKA! meditech™, is a UAE start up established in 2017 to distribute a unique innovative medical technology that has been developed and tested over a period of 35 years. The direct involvement of the biophysicist who invented the technology and his wife guarantees short lines of communication, and the possibility of quick implementation and problem solving.

We are motivated by our passion for this amazing medical solution that already has provided relief to so many patients without other effective options. Therefore we aim to keep overhead low in order to offer a financially atractive high quality product that is easily implemented into medical clinics and hospitals. This way we hope to realise worldwide availability in the near future.

Our mission

By distributing our innovative EluxR® technology and educating health professionals on how to use it appropriately, we aim to increase the quality of life of patients worldwide, improve their body’s physiological processes, immune functions, and regenerative capacity, and in the process revolutionise the healthcare system.

Based on our clinical experience, notwithstanding the complexity of medical politics, we believe that in the near future this technology will be integrated into the established medical world at large. We welcome cooperation with medical professionals in monitoring our patients’ health progress, and conducting more clinical research.